Green Sushi
Hello from
the Sunny Island
of Malta
We are proud to present recipes that have conquered thousands of our customers' hearts. Our goal is not to imitate traditional dishes, but to expand the boundaries of vegan cuisine with incredible textures and flavor combinations. This book reveals all the secrets of creating small works of art that you can enjoy or share with your loved ones and friends.
All recipes are designed to delight not only those who prefer not to eat animal products, but also traditional cuisine lovers.
Green sushi cookbook is not just collection of juicy pictures!
You get:
17 expertly crafted
Vegan Rolls Recipes
39 video-recipes ensuring that every roll, every flavor, dances harmoniously on your palate
Helpful tips and tricks behind perfect rice, precise cuts, and artful assembly. Consider it your backstage pass to sushi mastery
5 recipes for incredibly delicious temaki and inari

Detailed descriptions of recipes for vegan cream cheese, kimchi, tofu and seitan crab, tuna, black and red caviar and much more!

A dash of Inspiration whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious home cook. Let creativity flow as you adapt and experiment.

Recipes from a popular vegan sushi shop in Malta, proven over the years

After three years of meticulous effort, we’ve crafted an array of delectable rolls and other dishes. Our book features only the most mouthwatering and beloved recipes that are sure to captivate you and your loved ones. But that’s not all! We’ve incorporated interactive QR codes with accompanying videos. These resources will guide you through the intricacies and techniques necessary to create rolls at a restaurant-quality level.


Our exclusive Oreo cheesecake recipe is

one-of-a-kind, tailored just for you.

You won’t find anything quite like it elsewhere!

This delightful dessert strikes the perfect balance: it’s easy to prepare, yet its taste is impressive—suitable for both vegans and fans of traditional desserts. The combination of fermented cashews’ subtle sourness and the original flavor of beloved cookies creates a truly unforgettable treat.

Published by a completely independent small business with big ambitions

Our journey began with a modest investment of 200 euros, and little did we anticipate that it would blossom into a sensational business — although currently on the scale of a tiny island inhabited by roughly half a million beautiful souls.

Our unwavering commitment to our core values has been our guiding star throughout this adventure. We’ve navigated the culinary landscape without the crutch of external investors, staying true to our vision. And we remain steadfast in our belief that, indirectly, our efforts will nourish the lives of thousands across diverse countries and continents.

Our aspiration remains to open the doors of a Green Sushi restaurant, a culinary haven where our vision takes center stage. And when that day dawns, it shall be on our terms, fueled by our passion, and fully funded by us.

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